Novel Metamaterials for Industrial, Medical, and Scientific Applications


The EMERALD Project will be developed in 2012-2015 at the University of Trento and will be aimed at the study, design, and simulation of innovative metamaterials for next generation Industrial, Medical, and Scientific Application.
More in detail, the vision of the EMERALD project, which is coordinated by Prof. Douglas H. Werner (Full Professor at Penn State University), is to develop and test for the first time miniaturized multi-band and wideband antennas through Metamaterials, which will be employed in biomedicine, communications, remote sensing, and distributed monitoring applications, as well as electromagnetic field and mechanical/acoustic manipulation devices (e.g., cloaks, beam bends, concentrators, perfect absorbers), which will be applied to public safety and security applications, biomedical instrumentations, and infrastructure protection (electromagnetic pollution reduction, interference mitigation or avoidance).
Moreover, the aim of the EMERALD Project will not be limited to the technological/theoretical aspects of the Metamaterial development, but it will be devoted to the promotion of a network of excellence able to enhance the cooperation with national research groups, international top universities, as well as global industrial players.

The EMERALD Project is funded by the Autonomous Province of Trento within the "Bando Unità Ricerca 2011".


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