Special Session @MIWAI 2017 organized by ELEDIA@UTB
The ELEDIA Research Center announces that Dr. Minh-Son Dao (Director ELEDIA@UTB), Dr. Federico Viani (ELEDIA@UniTN) and Dr. Saleem Mohamad (ELEDIA@UTB) will…
Ing. Ahmed won the "Student Competition Award" at QNDE-2017
The ELEDIA Research Center is pleased to announce that Ing. S. Ahmed won among all the applicants disciplines into "Student Competition…
IEEE-JMMCT Special Section on MbD
The ELEDIA Research Center is pleased to announce an upcoming Special Section of the IEEE Journal on Multiscale and Multiphysics…
R. J. Mailloux has joined ELEDIA
The ELEDIA Research Center is pleased to announce that Dr. R. J. Mailloux is member of the ELEDIA Teaching Staff.…

Past Contribution to International PhD Courses

From:2017-06-19 09:00
To:2017-06-23 16:00
Dr. E. Attardo (Germany)
Prof. O. M. Bucci (Italy)
Prof. A. Capozzoli (Italy)
Dr. C. Curcio (Italy)
Prof. T. Isernia (Italy)
Prof. A. Liseno (Italy)
Prof. A. Massa (Italy)
Dr. A. Morabito (Italy)
Prof. Y. Rahmat-Samii (USA)
Prof. R. Sorrentino (Italy)
Prof. G. Vecchi (Italy)
Institution:Università degli Studi di Napoli Federico II
Topic: Antenna Synthesis
Location:Napoli, Italy
More info:

From:2016-09-05 09:00
To:2016-09-09 18:00
Prof. C. Craeye (Belgium) 
Prof. J. A. Encinar (Spain)
Prof. R. Gillard (France)
Prof. S. Hum (Canada)
Dr. H. Legay (France)
Prof. A. Massa (Italy)
Prof. A. Neto (The Netherlands)
Prof. P. Rocca (Italy)
Institution:Université Catholique de Louvain
Topic: Arrays and Reflectarrays
Location:Louvain-La-Neuve, Belgium
More info:Flyer_ESoA-Course_2016_Arrays-and-Reflectarrays.pdf

From:2016-04-18 09:00
To:2016-04-20 18:00
Prof. M. Bozzi (Italy) 
Prof. N.B. Carvalho (Portugal)
Prof. J.C. Chiao (U.S.A.)
Prof. G.E. Corazza (Italy)
Prof. D. Dardari (Italy)
Prof. B. Fraboni (Italy)
Prof. G. Marrocco (Italy)
Prof. D. Masotti (Italy)
Prof. P.D. Mitcheson (UK)
Prof. M. Mongiardo (Italy)
Prof. G. Monti (Italy)
Prof. P. Nepa (Italy)
Prof. H. Rogier (Belgium)
Prof. L. Roselli (Italy)
Prof. D. Schreurs (Belgium)
Prof. S. Tedjini (France)
Prof. J. L. G. Tornero (Spain)
Dr. F. Viani (Italy)
Prof. H. Visser (The Netherlands)
Institution:COST Action IC1301 - WIPE
Topic: Internet of Things, EM Technologies for Pervasive Applications
Location:Pontecchio Marconi, Bologna (Italy)
More info:COST-IC1301-WIPE.Flyer.pdf

From:2014-09-29 09:00
To:2014-10-03 17:00
Prof. Sean Hum
Prof. Giorgio Franceschetti
Prof. Jose Antonio Encinar 
Prof. Andrea Massa
Prof. Giacomo Oliveri
Prof. Raphaël Gillard
Prof. Andrea Neto
Prof. Christophe Craeye
Institution:European Space Agency
Topic: Arrays and Reflect-arrays
Location:Louvain-La-Neuve, Belgium
More info:flyer_ESoA_arrays_2014.pdf

From:2014-09-22 09:00
To:2014-09-25 18:00
Prof. Amir Alani 
Prof. Xavier Derobert 
Prof. Antonis Giannopoulos 
Prof. Sebastien Lambot 
Prof. Massimo Losa 
Dr. Guido Manacorda 
Prof. Andrea Massa 
Dr Lara Pajewski 
Dr. Cristina Ponti 
Prof. Giuseppe Schettini 
Prof. Jan Van der Kruk 
Institution:COST Action TU1208
Topic: Civil Engineering Applications of Ground Penetrating Radar
Location:Pisa (Italy)
More info:Training_School_COST_TU1208.pdf

From:2012-09-10 09:00
To:2012-09-14 18:00
Prof. Giorgio Franceschetti
Prof. Jose Antonio Encinar 
Prof. Andrea Neto
Prof. Andrea Massa
Prof. Julien Perruisseau-Carrier
Prof. Raphaël Gillard
Prof. Christophe Craeye
Institution:European School of Antennas
Topic: Arrays and Reflectarrays
Location:Louvain-La-Neuve, Belgium
More info: